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It keeps you alive

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- HB & 6B Pencil
- Standard Sketchbook

I’m really happy with how this one is coming along. Its not quite finished yet, still have to sharpen it up.

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There’s never a bad time for shameless advertizing of your products.

Only a few of the products on my avatar are ones which I made. Here’s the list:


God? lolnoGod? lolno




Black BeirdoBlack Beirdo

Other products featured in these pictures are:

  • And of course, there’s the eyes which were a custom request from 0BEY. I’ll link them anyway, though. 0BEY’s Nyk custom eyes.

Remember, shop Nyk.

Or I’ll have you torn limb from limb by angry atronachs.


Reblogging is also appreciated, as it will help get my things around. I have 51 products in the catalog (44 of which are visible) and I’ve had 11 sales.

11 freaking sales, man.